Admitted Class Profile

In the days following our decision notification, the UF Admissions Office celebrated with admitted Gators, whose dreams became reality as soon as their application status pages revealed that one magical word: “congratulations”. We commiserated (and yes, even cried) with applicants who did not receive the positive admissions decisions for which they desperately hoped. Mostly, we reflected upon the ways our university has inspired and motivated the up-and-coming generation of students towards higher education.

We are excited to announce that the academic and personal profiles of our incoming Gators are perhaps the highest achieved by any UF admitted class.

Middle 50% for the Class of 2021:

Academic Core GPA: 4.3-4.6
SAT: 1280-1430
ACT: 28-32

Although we reviewed and carefully selected applicants who demonstrated exceptional academic records, we also made it a focus to choose applicants who displayed a commitment to service, creativity, and progress. Our newly admitted students are leaders, dreamers, innovators, and visionaries.

This year’s applicant pool was by far one of the most competitive applicant pools we have seen. We received about 35,000 applications, a nearly 8% increase from last year, and granted admissions to 13,366 prospective Gators.

An additional 983 students were admitted into Innovation Academy, a cutting-edge program designed to foster creativity and innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration of over 30 majors across campus.

2,420 new students were offered Pathways to Campus Enrollment also known as PaCE. With limited physical space on UF’s campus, this program permits us to expand our admissions offers through an online program which provides a transition over to residential status after a minimum of two semesters. PaCE is great for students who have a desire for flexible class schedules while remaining a part of the UF community or for those who wish to study from a different geographical location.

Our university’s goal to become the leading research university in the nation is bolstered by the strength of our new incoming class of freshmen scholars. As UF President Kent Fuchs proclaimed, “Floridians deserve a university that is truly the greatest.” We are inspired by and impressed with the students who plan to join our Gator nation and cannot wait to see the ways they will contribute to the betterment of our community and classrooms.

Congratulations to our incoming Class of 2021! We look forward to showing you why it truly is “Great to Be a Florida Gator”!


  1. I am writing to encourage parents and students accepted into the PaCE program for 2021. My daughter is a Freshman PaCE student in her second semester. She was a bit disappointed when she first learned that she was not accepted as an on campus student. However with the class of 2020 PaCE students were offered the option of paying the local fees to take advantage of all that UF has to offer. She wanted the full college experience and decided to live in Gainesville in off campus housing. She is flourishing and has immersed herself in UF. In her first semester she joined a sorority, she was accepted in an inaugural career success class, she joined Florida Frontliners (student government), she applied for and was given an opportunity to work/volunteer at the Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate Tournament and interviewed to become a Student Ambassador withe the Florida Ciscerones. This her second semester she has been offered the position of Assistant Director of Personnel for this year's Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate Tournament and was made Sustainability Chair for her sorority. Do not feel limited in any way because you are a PaCE student. UF is going to be whaT you make it. Congrats and good luck!