If you haven’t heard, today is Decision Day!

Today’s Decision Day is a long-anticipated one for the UF Admissions Office. After many months of getting to know our applicants through their applications, today is when we applaud our new freshman class. Applicants who applied by our November 4th priority deadline and submitted all required supplemental material on time are able to review their admission decisions today at 6:00pm on the “Check Your Status” page of the UF Admissions website. Log in using your Coalition username and password (or the same username and password used to submit your application).

If you are admitted to UF, congratulations! We encourage you to check out our FAQ pages for residential and PaCE students on our website that provides details on each admission decision. Our website also provides enrollment checklists for students admitted to both our residential programs and PaCE. We urge you to review the appropriate checklist information, as the steps ensure an easy transition to The Gator Nation.

For those students who are denied, we realize how disappointing this decision may be. Our office is still rooting for the success of every single applicant, and we urge you to review your other options to determine what will be the best fit for you. Naturally, denied applicants might have questions such as “Why was I not admitted?” As an Admissions Officer for UF with a few decision days under my belt, I encourage you all to visit the FAQ for Denied Students page. After reading it once, spend the rest of the weekend doing something you enjoy with positive people.

Our office is closed over the weekend, but we will open again on Monday, February 13th at 8:00 am to answer any questions or concerns.

Best wishes from our Admissions Staff and congratulations to our new class of 2021!


  1. Will the online process actually say that you were not accepted to florda, My sons did not say that, and he submitted everything on time

  2. Yes, if your son was not admitted, his online notification would have said so. Please call the Admissions Office, 352.392.1365, on Monday for assistance on what your son saw online.

  3. My son's notice stated -pending evaluation of his 60 hours college credits for a transfer student. He is a high school senior applied as a freshman admission. What does this mean? Does it mean he wasn't excerpted as a freshman, but is now being evaluated for transfer? What are the chances of admission for him?
    Thank you Susan

    1. Based on the information provided in your son's application, it appeared he is earning his associate of arts degree at the same time he is earning his high school diploma. Because we were not able to offer him admission as a freshman, his application will be referred to the college of his major for consideration. Notification from the colleges varies. Please call the Admissions Office on Monday for additional information.